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Rules of conduct for patients

Approved by the order of the chief physician dated November 08, 2016 No. 113 / A

Rules of behavior
at the State Autonomous Health Institution "Republican Clinical Dermatovenerological Dispensary"

1.1. These Rules are developed in accordance with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the Law of the Russian Federation "On the Protection of Consumer Rights", the Federal Law of November 21, 2011 No. 323-FZ "On the Fundamentals of Protecting the Health of Citizens in the Russian Federation", the Federal Law of November 29, 2010 No. 326- Federal Law “On Compulsory Medical Insurance in the Russian Federation”, Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 04.10.2012 No. 1006 “On Approval of the Rules for the Provision of Paid Medical Services by Medical Organizations”, Charter of the State Autonomous Healthcare Institution “Republican Clinical Dermatovenerological Dispensary” (hereinafter referred to as GAUZ “ RKKVD”), other regulatory legal acts.
1.2. These Rules define the norms of behavior for patients in the GAUZ "RKKVD" when receiving medical services in order to ensure conditions for better satisfaction of the need for medical care, ensuring the safety of citizens when they visit the GAUZ "RKKVD", as well as employees of the GAUZ "RKKVD", the norms of student behavior , interns, residents undergoing training at the Departments located in the buildings of the GAUZ "RKKVD", undergoing practical training in the departments of the GAUZ "RKKVD". Compliance with these Rules is mandatory.
1.3.These Rules are posted for public review on the information stands of the GAUZ "RKKVD", as well as on the website of the GAUZ "RKKVD" on the Internet.

2.1.The patient has the right to:
• respectful and humane attitude on the part of medical and service personnel;
• choice of the attending physician;
• prevention, diagnostics, treatment, medical rehabilitation in GAUZ "RKKVD" in conditions that meet sanitary and hygienic requirements;
• obtaining consultations from medical specialists of the GAUZ "RKKVD", holding a consultation at his request and consulting specialists in agreement with the head of the structural unit;
• relief of pain associated with the disease and (or) medical intervention, available methods and drugs;
• obtaining information about their rights and obligations, their state of health, including information about the results of the examination, the presence of the disease, its diagnosis and prognosis, methods of treatment, the risk associated with them, possible options for medical intervention, their consequences and the results of the treatment (in the prescribed manner );
• obtaining information about the position, qualifications of a medical worker participating in the provision of medical care to him;
• selection of persons to whom, in the interests of the patient, information about the state of his health can be transferred;
• receiving therapeutic nutrition in the case of a patient being treated in round-the-clock inpatient conditions of GAUZ “RKKVD”;
• protection of information constituting the patient's medical secrecy, as well as the patient's personal data;
• compensation for harm caused to health during the provision of medical care to him;
• admission to him of a lawyer or legal representative to protect their rights;
• admission of a clergyman to him, and in the case of a patient being treated in a hospital, GAUZ "RKKVD" - to provide conditions for the performance of religious rites, which can be carried out in a hospital, including the provision of a separate room, if this does not violate the internal regulations GAUZ "RKKVD";
• provision of informed voluntary consent to medical intervention, which is a necessary priorPersons who have reached this age have the right to informed voluntary consent to medical intervention or to refuse it in accordance with Parts 2 and 9 of Art. 20 of the Federal Law of November 21, 2011 No. 323-FZ);• refusal of medical intervention (Refusal of medical intervention, indicating the possible consequences, is documented in the medical records and signed by the citizen or his legal representative, as well as by a medical worker);
• obtaining medical documents, their copies and extracts from medical documents;
• receipt of medical services and other services within the framework of compulsory and voluntary medical insurance programs, as well as on a paid basis;
• implementation of other rights provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation specified in paragraph 1.1. these rules.
2.2.The patient must:
• be tactful and respectful when dealing with healthcare professionals; be patient and kind;
• take measures to preserve and improve their health;
• while on treatment, comply with the treatment regimen, including those determined for the period of his temporary incapacity for work, and the rules of the patient's behavior in GAUZ "RKKVD";
• appear on time for an appointment with a doctor and warn about the impossibility of attending for a good reason;
• appear for treatment and dispensary examinations at the time set and agreed with the doctor;
• while being on round-the-clock inpatient treatment, it is forbidden to leave the territory of the institution without the consent of the administration of the institution;
• provide the doctor with all the information necessary for the diagnosis and treatment of the disease;
• inform the attending physician about past illnesses, known allergic reactions, contraindications, provide other information that may affect the quality of services;
• sign an informed voluntary consent to medical intervention;
• read and follow the recommended treatment plan;
• promptly and strictly comply with all prescriptions of the attending physician;
• immediately inform the attending physician about changes in the state of one's health in the process of diagnosis and treatment;
• visit the subdivisions of GAUZ "RKKVD" and medical offices in accordance with the established schedule of their work, the date and time indicated in the direction; at a scheduled visit by appointment or in an emergency;
• when visiting GAUZ "RKKVD" put on shoe covers or change shoes into removable shoes; leave outerwear in the wardrobe;
• take care of the property of GAUZ "RKKVD", keep cleanliness and silence in the premises of GAUZ "RKKVD".

3.1. Carry firearms, gas and edged weapons, poisonous, radioactive, chemical and explosive substances, alcoholic beverages and other items and means, the presence of which, or their use (use) may pose a threat to the safety of others;
3.2. Carry large items (including shopping bags, backpacks, duffel bags, suitcases, baskets, etc.) into the buildings and office premises of the GAUZ "RKKVD";
3.3. Stay in the office premises of GAUZ "RKKVD" without the permission of the Administration;
3.4. Consume food in corridors, flights of stairs and other premises of GAUZ "RKKVD" not intended for food consumption;
3.5. Smoking outside designated smoking areas;
3.6. talk loudly, make noise;
3.7. Leave young children unattended;
3.8. Take out from GAUZ "RKKVD" documents received for review; medical cards;
3.9. Remove any documents from medical records, from stands and folders of information stands;
3.10. Place ads in the premises and on the territory of the GAUZ "RKKVD" without the permission of the administration of the GAUZ "RKKVD";
3.11. To make photo, audio and video filming without prior permission from the administration of GAUZ "RKKVD";
3.12. To be in the premises of GAUZ "RKKVD" in outerwear, dirty shoes;
3.13. Block the passage of ambulance transport to the building(s) of GAUZ "RKKVD".
3.14.To enter the building and premises of GAUZ "RKKVD" in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication, with aggressive behavior, having an appearance that does not meet sanitary and hygienic requirements.
3.15. Carry perishable products to GAUZ "RKKVD";
3.16. Use electric heaters, tiles, boilers, electric kettles, irons, TVs and other household appliances in the wards of the GAUZ "RKKVD";
3.17. Leave the ward during medical rounds, appointments and procedures, during quiet hours.3.18. Perform the functions of sales agents, representatives on the premises of GAUZ "RKKVD" and stay on the premises for other commercial purposes; conduct political campaigning.

4.1. In case of violation of these Rules, patients are liable under the current legislation.
4.2. In case of damage to the property of GAUZ "RKKVD", the patient is obliged to compensate for the damage caused in accordance with the norms established by the current civil legislation.
4.3. In cases of violation of the Rules of Conduct in GAUZ "RKKVD", medical workers from among full-time employees will be held liable in accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation and disciplinary measures will be applied.
4.4. Students, interns, residents studying at the Departments located in the buildings of the GAUZ "RKKVD", undergoing practical training in the departments of the GAUZ "RKKVD" must comply with the Rules of Conduct in the GAUZ "RKKVD", respectively. In case of non-compliance with the Rules, in particular the prohibition of photo and audio, video filming in GAUZ "RKKVD", about all violations committed by this category of persons, GAUZ "RKKVD" informs the management of educational institutions for the application of appropriate measures.
4.5. Employees of GAUZ "RKKVD" for failure to take measures to suppress the identified violations, failure to comply with the orders of the management of the institution are liable in accordance with applicable law.


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