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Трихологический центр «Здоровые волосы»
Аппаратная диагностика и лечение волос и кожи головы
Микологический центр
Лечение грибковых заболеваний кожи и ногтей. Лечение вросшего ногтя
Лазерная деструкция
Удаление бородавок, папиллом, кондилом с последующим гистологическим исследованием
Information about the services

For insurance companies

The State Autonomous Healthcare Institution "Republican Clinical Dermatovenerologic Dispensary" (GAUZ RKKVD) is the only state specialized medical institution in the Republic of Tatarstan that provides a full range of services in the field of diagnosis and treatment of skin and venereal diseases.
By becoming our partner, you get unique opportunities to attract new customers.
The advantage of the state dermatovenereological service is long-term traditions and experience, as well as well-functioning interaction within one institution of professional doctors, who have the most modern and high-precision diagnostic and treatment methods in their arsenal.
Organization of work of insurance representatives

Our services:

The dispensary provides medical services in accordance with state standards and is fully responsible for its patients.

For organizations

Enterprises whose employees are required to undergo preliminary and periodic medical examinations have the opportunity to conclude an annual service contract with us. An individual program is developed for each enterprise, taking into account the requirements for preventive examinations for a particular industry. The presence of such an agreement allows our corporate clients to centralize the organization of medical examinations, which makes control over compliance with established rules more effective.
The department employs visiting teams for medical examinations, which include experienced, qualified doctors and nurses. Medical examination and examination for the detection of sexually transmitted infections are carried out using disposable high-quality instruments. The laboratory of the department of medical examinations is equipped with modern equipment for conducting the necessary research.


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